“Over the past 40 years my company has developed numerous residential and commercial projects. I am proud to say that Mick Construction has been involved with almost all my projects and they were an exceptional company to work with. They were always diligent in every aspect of the construction, honest and reliable. If Mick said he would complete my project in a given time frame it was always met. I would highly recommend Mick Construction.”

Self Storage Units.

Self Storage Units.

 ~ Duane L Jellison
Atlantic construction


“In the Summer of 1997 I hired Mick Construction to do the heavy earth moving for our new golf course. The site that The Ledges is built on posed difficult challenges because of the ledge, wetlands, and steep terrain. During the permitting process I looked around for a site contractor that I could work with. The important criteria were experience, size, equipment and trust. I say trust because we decided to build the course “time and material” without any fixed bids. We knew building the course would be a fluid situation with different challenges every day.

On June 27, 1997 Sam arrived at the site with his big dozer (D-8 I think). He spent a few days on that dozer getting a feel for the site, where the dirt was and how to deal with the boulders. As an excited owner I couldn’t help but wonder why there wasn’t more men and equipment at the job. We were starting late in the season and I thought what we needed was an army of people to speed the process up. Late the second day Sam got off that dozer and I poised that question to him….aren’t you going to bring more people/equipment. Sam is not very talkative but he looked me in the eye and said” I can spend your money fast or I can spend your money smart” ….in that one sentence it summed up who Mick Construction and Sam Mick are. He explained he was getting a feel for the site so he would know best how to deploy his men and equipment to get the job done. I knew then we had hired the right company. For the next year and a half Mick Construction worked tirelessly to build the best course possible. They coordinated well with company we hired to build the greens, tees and bunkers.

Autumn on the course.

Autumn on the course.

We did the project time and material. Mick Construction saved The Ledges Golf Company a lot of money with their expertise. I received an invoice monthly and never doubted one item….in fact I believe we always got more than our moneys worth.

In looking back to those days of construction I owe a lot to Sam and the crew for what they produced…..we could not have done it without them!”

~ Pat Rocheleau
The Ledges Golf Club